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Two Pigeons Perching on a Bench at the Kasemattentheater

TheatrePosted by Claire Sun, October 28, 2018 13:23:25

"A few minutes ago a sausage dog stuck its nose into the feathery casualty"

Flying rats, vermin of the sky, disease riddled birds? Military photographers, avian postmen, messengers in the clouds?

The pigeons are fed up, now they have something to tweet about.

They are planning a coo to shake up the city and it all starts at Place d’Armes.

Two Pigeons Perching on a Bench by Claire Thill is about internet surveillance, eavesdropping and storytelling in the digital age. Disparate story lines unveil themselves. Fiction leaks into reality and reality into fiction. The audience will be drawn into a metaphorical world where sound is an influencer.

Featuring live sound, documentary style footage, a coo-ky bird's eye view with a surreal edge. Expect humour, a highly visual performance and very animated pigeons.

Dates: 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th November 2018,


14, rue du Puits
L-2355 Luxembourg