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Pixie Pixel- interactive promenade performance at Cité de l'image Clervaux

TheatrePosted by Claire Sun, July 29, 2018 22:26:48
In July I was commissioned by the Cité de l'image in the unbelievably picturesque town of Clervaux the north of Luxembourg to devise a performance for children to make them discover the current outdoors photography exhibition. Together with Frieda BK Gerson, a dear friend of mine and an incredibly talented circus artist and theatremaker, we created a quirky show during which the visitors have to complete a few absurd tasks in order to gain citizenship to the wonderful Cité de l'image.

photo by Frieda BK Gerson (featuring a picture from Marten Lange's "Citizien" series)

My character Pixie Pixel takes the audience on a playful scavenger hunt dipping them into the stunning worlds of Yvon Lambert, Olaf Otto Becker, Ina Schoenenburg, Kati Bruder and Marten Lange.

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(photos of Yvon Lambert's exhibition by Claire Thill)