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Two Pigeons Perching on a Bench (work in progress)

TheatrePosted by Claire Wed, October 14, 2015 17:38:45

This interactive performance is about eavesdropping and creating fragmented vignettes around voice and sound recordings. A sound designer and a performer gather in a public space and investigate ideas around gossip and how stories get distorted in the course of being told. A story is being narrated. Fiction leaks into reality and reality gradually changes into fiction. The audience is drawn into an imaginative space where they experience their immediate surroundings in a new way.

How do we construct identities? Sometimes the observations of a stranger can shed a completely new light on given facts. Perceptions deviate according to context. The outside eye opens new parameters of perceiving the neighbourhood and the ear propels selective hearing.

This work in progress showing is the first collaboration between me and electronic musician Wallace Dice.

CeCiL' Afterwork
28th October, 6.15pm

Cercle Cité
Place d'Armes
2, rue Genistre
L-1623 Luxembourg