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Footnotes - a Collective Play in the Making

TheatrePosted by Claire Sat, April 06, 2019 21:24:30

a project about walking, intersectional feminism, the

change of paradigm and cultural identity

by Independent Little Lies

At the beginning of 2017, ushering in a new year, people from all over the globe gathered in the streets to express their outrage at the toxic political climate of the time. The Women's March, on the 21st of January 2017, was a worldwide protest to
advocate legislations and policies regarding human rights and issues such as women's rights, equality, immigration, universal healthcare, LGTB rights, the natural environment, and equality. The collective decision to walk together, talk to each other, and chant on the day after President Trump's inauguration was a thought provoking collision of past and present.

2016 was marked by Brexit, the rise of right wing parties all over Europe, and the election of a self-confessed harasser of women as the President of the United States. The Women's Marches celebrated love, diversity and acceptance, as people from different walks of life, sexual identities, race and social backgrounds came together to march for a brighter future. They took the streets and used one of the most daily activities to express their distress. It was a forward movement, an expression of hope. Equally it was an inquiry into our common past and the fights that have been fought for the sake of a democratic, egalitarian society. Walking. Such a simple forward movement. Our feet perpetuate a direction, from one place to another, starting somewhere in order to get somewhere else. With determination or without. Meandering, strolling, striding, sauntering, running, stumbling, marching, stepping, skipping, schlepping, crawling. Two years later, we are still marked by the Women's Marches, this collision of eras – which also, by implication, elides the factual and the fictional, even before the addition of a narrated story.

Direction: Jenny Beacraft
Text and Concept: Claire Thill
Performance: Frédérique Colling, Elsa Rauchs, Claire Thill and more
Music: Emre Sevindik
Movement Direction and Assistant Director: Catherine Elsen

Performances: 14th & 15th November 2019
Théâtre municipal de la ville d'Esch
120 Rue de l'Alzette,
L-4010 Esch-sur-Alzette

more dates to confirm

Stay tuned....

Blackout am Prager Theaterfestival Deutscher Sprache

TheatrePosted by Claire Mon, December 10, 2018 22:01:02
Mein Stück "Blackout" wurde zum renommierten Prager Festival Deutscher Sprache eingeladen. Am 27. November spielten wir im Theater Komödie.

"Ich hatte einen Traum, der keiner war.
Die Sonne war erloschen, und die Sterne,
verdunkelt, schweiften weglos durch den Raum,
kein Mond, die Erde schwang im Äther, blind
und eisig sich verfinsternd..."

Lord Byron, Die Finsternis

(Fotos: KIVA/Thomas Rubin/

Regie und Text: Claire Thill
Dramaturgie: Oliwia Hälterlein
Choreographie: Sayoko Onishi
Musik: Emre Sevindik
Video: Melting Pol
Licht: Marc Thein
mit: Marc Baum, Larisa Faber, Nathalie Noé Adam, Sayoko Onishi und Claire Thill

Blackout, die kollektive Theaterarbeit von ILL, entführt den Zuschauer in eine düstere, prä-apokalyptische Phantasmagorie, die Elemente von Horrorfilmen mit den tiefgründigen Verzweigungen eines psychologischen Thrillers verbindet. Ein kleinkarierter, doch beliebter Meteorologe entdeckt in seinen Wetteranalysen kleine, saisonale Unregelmäßigkeiten im Klima. Er ahnt Böses.

(Fotos: KIVA/Thomas Rubin/

Two Pigeons Perching on a Bench at the Kasemattentheater

TheatrePosted by Claire Sun, October 28, 2018 13:23:25

"A few minutes ago a sausage dog stuck its nose into the feathery casualty"

Flying rats, vermin of the sky, disease riddled birds? Military photographers, avian postmen, messengers in the clouds?

The pigeons are fed up, now they have something to tweet about.

They are planning a coo to shake up the city and it all starts at Place d’Armes.

Two Pigeons Perching on a Bench by Claire Thill is about internet surveillance, eavesdropping and storytelling in the digital age. Disparate story lines unveil themselves. Fiction leaks into reality and reality into fiction. The audience will be drawn into a metaphorical world where sound is an influencer.

Featuring live sound, documentary style footage, a coo-ky bird's eye view with a surreal edge. Expect humour, a highly visual performance and very animated pigeons.

Dates: 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th November 2018,


14, rue du Puits
L-2355 Luxembourg



TheatrePosted by Claire Sat, September 01, 2018 22:47:40
A performance inspired by "Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" by Haruki Murakami

Dreamreader is a parallel world, a past and a future world. But where is the present? From the universe created by Haruki Murakami in Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End of the World to George Orwell's 1984 the search is for humans and their shadows against a feral landscape.

directed by Firenza Guidi

28th August, 9.30 pm
29th and 30th August, 9.30 and 11pm
Parco Corsini, Fucecchio

music: David Murray
costumes: Ilaria Bestazzi
scenography: Beth Weaver

rehearsal photos by Eva Marloes

performed by: Francesca Alberti, Mike Aldred, Zaq Andel, Elisabetta Borrione, Elia Capelli, Chiara Capparelli, Alessandra Checcucci, Stefano De Luca, Angelica Foschi, Frieda BK Gerson, Chris Gordon, Eleonora Gronchi, Fabio Magnani, Emanuele Melani, Daniele Milano, Aurora Morano, Martina Mugheddu, Pablo Meneu, David Murray, Ernesto Juan Navarro, Caterina Pio, Alessandro Francesco Poletta, Emily Redsell, Rosa Maria Rizzi, Gabriele Rosati, Marianna Rosati, Andrew Ross, Lisa Savini, Andrea Seghieri, Elisa Selmi, Claire Thill, Tomas Tigrato, Sara Toti, Beth Weaver, Dylan Williams

Pixie Pixel- interactive promenade performance at Cité de l'image Clervaux

TheatrePosted by Claire Sun, July 29, 2018 22:26:48
In July I was commissioned by the Cité de l'image in the unbelievably picturesque town of Clervaux the north of Luxembourg to devise a performance for children to make them discover the current outdoors photography exhibition. Together with Frieda BK Gerson, a dear friend of mine and an incredibly talented circus artist and theatremaker, we created a quirky show during which the visitors have to complete a few absurd tasks in order to gain citizenship to the wonderful Cité de l'image.

photo by Frieda BK Gerson (featuring a picture from Marten Lange's "Citizien" series)

My character Pixie Pixel takes the audience on a playful scavenger hunt dipping them into the stunning worlds of Yvon Lambert, Olaf Otto Becker, Ina Schoenenburg, Kati Bruder and Marten Lange.

More info on

(photos of Yvon Lambert's exhibition by Claire Thill)

Kindertransport UK Tour 2018

TheatrePosted by Claire Fri, April 20, 2018 21:42:43

I'm very proud to announce that I am joining the cast of Kindertransport for the UK Tour 2018.

Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and Les Theatres de la Ville de Luxembourg in association with Selladoor Productions present Kindertransport by Diane Samuels. Directed by Anne Simon. Designed by Marie-Luce Theis.

A deeply moving and timely modern classic about a woman’s struggle to come to terms with her past.

Hamburg 1938: nine year-old Eva is forced onto a train by her desperate mother in order to escape the threat of World War II. Arriving at Liverpool Street Station, tagged like a piece of luggage, she’s handed over to strangers.

Manchester 1980: Evelyn, a proud mum, prepares to say goodbye to daughter Faith as she leaves the family home. But what Faith finds in the attic will change her life forever…

This heart-warming production is from the producers of last year’s acclaimed revival of The Crucible. It marks the 80th anniversary of the Kindertransport, which saw thousands of Jewish children ferried from Austria and Germany to safety.

Diane Samuels wrote this extraordinary and haunting play 25 years ago. It has never been more relevant than today.

‘Samuels has written the best play about the pain and passion of mother/daughter relationships’

The Guardian

Directed by: Anne Simon
Design: Marie-Luce Theis
Cast: Hannah Bristow, Matthew Brown, Jenny Lee, Leila Schaus, Suzan Sylvestre, Claire Thill

Tour Dates:

New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich,
Tuesday 17th Apr, 2018 - Saturday 21st Apr, 2018
Richmond Theatre,
Tuesday 24th Apr, 2018 - Saturday 28th Apr, 2018
Manchester Opera House,
Tuesday 1st May, 2018 - Saturday 5th May, 2018

Dead or Alive

TheatrePosted by Claire Sun, January 21, 2018 10:47:38

Vous avez une préférence pour les auteurs vivants plutôt que morts ? L’inverse ? Sûr ? Le doute est au centre de DEAD OR ALIVE ? qui réunit acteurs et slameurs pour un brouillage de pistes des plus déconcertants avec, au centre, la lecture ou le slam de textes d’auteurs morts… ou vivants - à vous de vous faire votre propre opinion lors de ce spectacle à cheval entre passé et présent et qui va finir par ébranler vos certitudes.

Avec Dead or Alive ? un nouveau format vous est proposé pour la première fois au Luxembourg. Dans le cadre du cycle « Fabula Rasa » des Rotondes, des acteurs et slameurs monteront sur scène pour s’affronter à coups de rimes et de syntaxes aiguisées, puisées dans les œuvres d’écrivains disparus (dead) ou contemporains (alive). Dead or Alive ? est une production luxembourgeois de mots et de paroles, qui a pour simple prétention de brouiller les frontières entre littérature et slam. Ce concept original à la fois musical et littéraire sera mis en scène par Claire Thill.

coproduction : Rotondes (producteur exécutif), Coopérations Wiltz et Institut Pierre Werner

mise en scène :
Claire Thill
acteurs & slameurs : Brice Montagne, Frédérique Colling, Klaus Lederwasch et Nestor

musique : Marc Clement


Rotondes, Luxembourg

Mer 31.1.18> 10:00
Mer 31.1.18> 19:30

et au Centre Culturel Régional Prabbeli, Wiltz

Ven 02.2.18> 10:00
Ven 02.2.18> 20:00

The Horror! The Horror!

TheatrePosted by Claire Fri, September 22, 2017 19:45:46
Residenz im 3CL für unser Horror-Theaterstück "Blackout"

Blackout- die neueste kollektive Theaterarbeit von ILL- entführt den Zuschauer in eine skurril-düstere, prä-apokalyptische Phantasmagorie, die Elemente von Horrorfilmen mit den tiefgründigen Verzweigungen eines psychologischen Thrillers verbindet. Das Stück ist eine Liebeserklärung an das Horrorgenre und spielt bewusst mit dessen Regeln und Motiven. Ein Meteorologe entdeckt in seinen Wetteranalysen kleine, saisonale Unregelmässigkeiten im Klima. Er ahnt Böses, doch die Aussenwelt schenkt ihm wenig Glauben. Währenddessen verändert sich sein Umfeld fast unscheinbar. Rätselhafte Figuren treten auf. Die Natur und die unberechenbare Kraft des Wetters schleichen sich langsam in die übersichtliche Realität fers Wissenschaftlers ein und entblössen irrationale und zerstörerische Züge.

In einer Residenz am 3CL konzentrieren sich die Künstler auf die Rolle des Körpers in Horrorfilmen. Oft findet das wahre Grauen lediglich in der schieren Vorstellungskraft des Zuschauers statt. Irrationalität und Unterbewusstsein verstricken sich und lassen erschreckende Szenarien entstehen. Bleibt der Körper gefangen in diesem unsichtbaren Netz, das man mit dem Verstand nicht wirklich fassen kann und wie finden diese unberrechenbaren Kräfte ihren Ausdruck?

Mit: Larisa Faber, Sayoko Onishi, Emre Sevindik, Paul Schumacher und Claire Thill

Work-in-Progress performance:

3.Oktober 2017, 19 Uhr 3 du Trois, Centre chorégraphique du Luxembourg, Bananefabrik

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